No New Posts Rickard's Office

Door is beside a tall statue holding a roll of parchment. An arch in the wall nearby has a long staircase up to the Headmaster's Tower.

#12 Kindness Award | Sagemore Interview by Kamari Sagemore
Jul 17, 2024 2:40:21 GMT 10
No New Posts ~ Entrance Hall

A busy area between the Great Hall and Grand Staircase. Double doors connect to the Main Courtyard.

#12 Peas, Peas, Peas (don't prove I'm right) by Lena
Jul 17, 2024 0:46:52 GMT 10
No New Posts The Great Hall

Where students and staff regularly share meals and conversation.
Image is colour-coded to show where each house table is, for reference.

#12 Breakfast by Ezra Ashworth
Jul 15, 2024 0:43:49 GMT 10
No New Posts ~ The Dungeon

Dark and cold. The Slytherin common room is concealed behind a wall.

#12 - trying again by Phe Rothburn
Jul 20, 2024 5:59:10 GMT 10
No New Posts

"Purest ambition surpasses all inhibition"

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No New Posts ~ The Basement

Along the corridor is a huge wine barrel, which becomes an entrance to the Hufflepuff common room.

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"The brightest legacy is a heart of true loyalty"

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No New Posts Main Corridor

As a primary path taken to get around the castle, it's always busy. Students often gather in groups to socialize.

#12 | Club Sign-Up Sheet by Amber Lloyd
Jul 18, 2024 4:29:54 GMT 10
No New Posts Staff Room

Hogwarts teachers are often present and can be requested via the large, stone gargoyle sitting by the door.

#12 - Seeking Insight by Martha Twiggs
Jul 18, 2024 6:01:15 GMT 10
No New Posts McGonagall's Office

Overlooks the training grounds.

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No New Posts Myrtle's Bathroom

Barely operational. Moaning Myrtle's unpleasant company keeps people away. A good place to otherwise be alone.

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No New Posts Empty Classroom

Vacant and unused for a long time, but remains in good condition.

Mystery Board by Lena
Jun 8, 2024 17:26:50 GMT 10
No New Posts Duellist Chamber

Practice duelling against an opponent. With one duel at a time per thread, you can make your own instead of joining one.

#12 - Teaching Moment by Pierce Twiggs
Jul 20, 2024 1:24:11 GMT 10
No New Posts Hospital Wing

Injuries and illnesses are tended to by Madam Pomfrey.

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No New Posts ~ The Library

A place of study or quiet reading. Anyone being disruptive will be kicked out by Madam Pince (who is always present).

#12 - more research! by Lena
Jul 17, 2024 1:14:07 GMT 10
No New Posts Prefect Room

Used by Prefects, Head Hogs, and Quidditch Captains as a common room / meeting area. Has its own dormitory and a large bathroom.

Prefect List by Lena
Sept 5, 2020 21:05:01 GMT 10
No New Posts The Grand Staircase

Did you get lost? A tricky but necessary hub, with moving staircases. Leads all over the castle. General location for various needs.

#12 - Thestral Tapestries by Lena
Jul 14, 2024 19:04:10 GMT 10
No New Posts Vacant Corridor

Take a wrong turn on a moving staircase and you'll end up in this corridor. Often empty, as it only leads back to the Grand Staircase.

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No New Posts Storage Cupboard

An ordinary cupboard.

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No New Posts Founder's Ballroom

Where special events take place -- such as the Yule Ball, Founder's Ball, and Graduation Formal. Otherwise, it's locked.

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No New Posts Grand Bathrooms

Best and largest bathrooms at Hogwarts. Includes lockers and benches. Popular among teenagers or those with high standards.

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No New Posts Cluttered Room

Stuffed with discarded or broken items.

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No New Posts Battered Corridor

Once a beautiful corridor. Where the battle took place last year, though the intruder's motives remain unknown.

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No New Posts Portrait of The Fat Lady

Accessed from the Grand Staircase. 7th floor platform leads to a corridor ending in a door-sized portrait. Guards entrance to the Gryffindor common room.

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"Be knight or knave, fortune favours the brave."

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No New Posts Ravenclaw Tower

These stairs are a long ordeal to climb for those unaccustomed to the challenge. Leads to an ornate door allowing entrance to the Ravenclaw common room for those who answer its riddle.

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"Wit beyond measure is the greatest treasure."

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No New Posts Rivera's Office

Well-lit by an enchanted ceiling of the galaxy, showcasing various planets and countless stars. Many alcoves and reading nooks.

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No New Posts Spiral Tower

A high, twisting tower passing several locked doors. At the top is a balcony with a far-away view of the forest and a glimpse of Hogsmeade.

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No New Posts Astronomy Tower

The highest point of Hogwarts with the best view, day or night. A peaceful place to be alone.

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