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Getting Started

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Plot details, how this RPG works, and tips to improve your character's progress.

FAQ - Quick-List for Potential Members by Lena
Dec 10, 2020 16:51:10 GMT 10
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Everything you need to get started. Please read the site rules first.

Available Dorms by Lena
Jan 10, 2021 17:42:47 GMT 10
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Accepted character applications are stored here as profiles for easy reference.

Mila Clarke by Lena
Feb 18, 2021 16:51:38 GMT 10
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Questions and suggestions are welcome. You can also try our Discord for a faster response.

Bloodlines? by Celia Dhoe
Jan 8, 2021 23:29:33 GMT 10
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An in-character RP board. It's the final stage of sorting your character after completing the "House Sorting and Wand" form. All new members must post here.

Mila Clarke Sorting by Mila Clarke
Feb 21, 2021 3:33:55 GMT 10

Hogwarts School

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#8 - Prefect Patrol by Kaspian Kettles
Mar 7, 2021 20:37:37 GMT 10
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Volunteer Board by Lena
Jan 9, 2021 21:58:49 GMT 10

United Kingdom

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Magical Community

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Threads and features relating to your character's journey. Includes quests, customising dormitories, exploring their past, the dare challenge, and character plotters.

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Complete mini-events for exp rewards and other bonuses.

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For chatting with other members, trading items, or entering monthly contests.

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Requests made for a character that's born to a premade HAU family bloodline. Cannot be your first character. A post count minimum applies.

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Completed or abandoned threads are archived here for easy reference.

#8 Dinner by Grace Babineaux
Feb 28, 2021 4:03:57 GMT 10
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Adverts to other sites go here. Affiliate requests are open. Please follow the rules within.

Devil's Tattoo (Jcink premium small town Kentucky, shifters) by Devil's Tattoo
Mar 8, 2021 15:53:00 GMT 10

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